TSA Pre Program

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or not, traveling through  airport security screenings is a hassle.   But TSA (the Travel Security Administration) has released the TSA Pre program that  will allow individuals to voluntarily be pre-screened thus allowing them to  speed through the lines and get to their flights more quickly.

Eligible for this program are US Citizens who are frequent  travelers of certain, participating airlines or members of existing Customs and  Border Protection Trusted Traveler Programs.   As are passengers 12 and younger allowed through TSA Pre lanes when  traveling with an eligible passenger.

What this program means for those who are eligible for it is  that they’d no longer need to remove their shoes, 3-1-1 compliant bag from  carry-on, laptop from bag, light outerwear/jacket, or belt.

At present, the application process involves first  registering for a CBP Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) account.  Once registered, travelers can move forward  with the enrollment in one of the CBP eligible programs.  The GOES system provides a pass ID number  after the enrollment in a trusted traveler program.  After that it’s a matter of simply supplying  the pass ID number associated with their Trusted Traveler account in the Known  Traveler Number field when booking travel.

TSA has also announced plans to implement a TSA Pre fee  based application process that will allow US citizens the opportunity to  apply for expeddited screening without a passport.  After it’s available, it will require a two  step process of filling out an online application and verifying identity and  providing fingerprints at a TSA Pre enrollment center.  The $85 fee can be paid either online or at a  participating enrollment center.  This  process will come with a 5 year eligibility after which time participants will  need to reapply.

At present there are 40 airports across the country that are participating.

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